A Tale of Two Dangerous Ideas

Another old one. The Sydney “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” was celebrated as a platform to spout such dangerous, “offensive, obnoxious, fearsome, dangerously stupid” ideas as “Israel is an Apartheid State”, “Genital Cutting is Normal”, or even that “Honour Killings are Justified”. One thing that was immediately obvious was that FODI’s roster was heavily weighted to …

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A river of crocodile tears and hypocrisy won’t silence the Australian people

When a politician turns on the waterworks in parliament, you can be absolutely certain that they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes. When Fraser Anning used his debut senate speech to call for a vote on Muslim immigration to Australia the political elite suffered a collective fit of the vapours. But this is an argument Australia has to have. It’s also an argument the elites and their leftist camp-followers are determined not to let Australians have.

Originally published at Incite.
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The Curmudgeonly Review of Books: Crusade and Jihad

Malcolm Lambert’s Crusade and Jihad traces 1600 years of the history of Islam and Christianity, and the clashing ideologies of jihad and the Crusader movement. In particular, Lambert examines why the latter faded away, while the former remains a dynamic and often violent force in the world. Crusade and Jihad: Origins, history and aftermath Malcolm Lambert …

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