How Not to Be Fooled: Sources Say

Always Ask Who Is Saying It – and Why? Anonymous sources have become a media game of Chinese whispers. A Devil's Curmudgeon. In the dim, dark, pre-internet days, a journalist’s contact book was their prized possession. As veteran journalist Alex Mitchell recounts, his contacts “were the lifeblood of my professional life”. I still remember my …

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Shake the Fault Lines and Watch the Hypocrites Fall Out

Federal police raiding union offices in 2017. Photo: AAP. There’s not a lot that I agree with Martin Hirst about, but on one thing he is absolutely right: journalism operates on “fault lines”. Fault lines are those ethical conflicts that are part and parcel of the trade of journalism. Sometimes the fault lines are as …

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The journalistic sin that festers in open sight

The idea that "Everyone I don't like is Hitler" is a common social media meme, but there's a more insidious instance of this thinking that is promulgated by the supposedly "curated" media - the almost reflexive habit of labelling anyone who deviates from the received centre-left wisdom as "far-right", which is as much to say, …

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Biting Back: Martin Hirst Responds

Biting Back: Clarifications, Corrections and Rights of Reply Journalism academic Martin Hirst has emailed me to dispute a couple of points in Giving The Devil His Due. Specifically, regarding his leaving Deakin university and the characterisation of his support (or not) for Finkelstein and media regulation. Dr Hirst's responses are detailed below. Here at A Devil’s Curmudgeon I …

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Giving The Devil His Due: Andrew Bolt, Martin Hirst and Free Speech

Andrew Bolt is the devil made flesh for the Australian left. Marxist academic Martin Hirst plays much the same role for the right.

So when each, separately, got into trouble over freedom of speech issues, their enemies from each respective side greeted the news with open glee.

But sometimes you have to defend even the Devil. Because if you deny the benefit of the law to the Devil, you leave yourself nowhere to hide.