Everything you never wanted to know about Queer Theory, but you should

This is your brain on queer theory. Why should you learn about queer theory? For the same reason people in the 1930s should have been aware of Mein Kampf or Capital (Das Kapital). When you’re standing, dumbstruck, wondering, “How on earth did it come to this?”, it’s important to learn the why and the how. …

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Citizenship must be earned

Australia reaps the whirlwind of lenient citizenship policies. Questions of citizenship have been of some concern to both Australians and New Zealanders, recently. Australians became uncomfortably aware of just how many of the political class didn’t owe sole loyalty to Australia when dozens of MPs were booted from parliament under the constitution’s dual-citizenship rule. For …

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The two most important books you can read

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell: Between them, they tell us everything we need to know about the early 21st century. If there are two books that I would recommend above all to anyone living in the West in the early 21st century, they would be George Orwell's 1984, and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Written …

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What the cry-bullies don’t get about free speech

Julie Birchill coined the term “cry-bullies” to describe the hideous hybrid of victim and victor that characterises contemporary “progressives”. Fuelled by the poisonous ideology of “intersectionality”, which argues that everyone is merely an accumulation of either privileges or injustices, “social justice warriors” pose as victims (or claim to speak for them) while behaving like the …

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In praise of our resilient democracy

This was first published in late August 2018, in the immediate aftermath of the leadership challenges that brought down Malcolm Turnbull. So, what really happened in Australia last week? Well, a whole lot of politicians and journalists got excited, there was plenty of grouching on social media, but, really, not much else. Life in Australia …

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A river of crocodile tears and hypocrisy won’t silence the Australian people

When a politician turns on the waterworks in parliament, you can be absolutely certain that they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes. When Fraser Anning used his debut senate speech to call for a vote on Muslim immigration to Australia the political elite suffered a collective fit of the vapours. But this is an argument Australia has to have. It’s also an argument the elites and their leftist camp-followers are determined not to let Australians have.

Originally published at Incite.
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