The shocking truth about Tommy Robinson

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If anyone knows anything about Tommy Robinson, they know without doubt that he’s “far-right”, “alt-right”, a racist, a Nazi. After all, the mainstream media keep saying so.

But the shocking truth about Tommy Robinson is: He’s none of things. Brace yourselves: the mainstream media lie.

Deborah* discovered for herself just how much the media lie when she met Tommy Robinson and discussed his political beliefs.

Deborah has recently completed her Masters degree in Terrorism Studies, especially focusing on what she calls Islamic Supremacy (rather than Islamism). Her thesis examined the way in which Islamic supremacists like the Ikhwan Muslimin, the Muslim Brotherhood, exploit the narrative of “Islamophobia” in order to further their agenda.

The more she studied these subjects, Deborah says, the less she found herself accepting the narratives of the media and the left at face value.

Researching the Muslim grooming gangs in Britain, Deborah approached the Sikh Awareness Society (SAS), a grassroots organisation formed in response to the grooming gangs’ targeting of British Sikh girls. SAS founder Mohan Singh suggested she also speak to Tommy Robinson.

Like everyone else, Deborah was only aware of the mainstream media narrative that Robinson was the leader of a gang of far-right thugs, the English Defence League (EDL).

“My reaction at that time,” she says. “Was, ‘Oh, no, that’s that guy. He’s so radical, I can’t be using him as a source. He’s just too extreme.“

But Deborah decided to research further. Watching things like a YouTube video of Robinson being interviewed by Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam, the mainstream media narrative began to fall apart.

“I thought, ‘Wow. I really like this guy! He’s not radical at all! He thinks just like us!”

So she decided to contact him after all. Robinson duly invited her to his home town of Luton, where they met for lunch and spent the afternoon together. As she discovered, far from a far-right thug, Robinson was, “a traditional Labor voter. He’s really a very liberal guy”.

“If you look on his website right now, you’ll find him interviewing a transsexual journalist, and, y’know, asking her what her life was like. But she’s Conservative, so he says to her, ‘Which was more difficult? Coming out as transsexual, or coming out as Conservative?’ She said, ‘Oh! Coming out as Conservative was really hard!’”

Deborah also found that the supposed jack-booted racist describes himself as a “friend of the Jews”, and enthuses about visiting Israel. Robinson’s circle of family and close friends are as diverse as any in Britain.

“Tommy’s best friend is black. [His cousin, and fellow EDL founder] Kevin Carroll’s wife is black.”

Deborah also sees Robinson standing for justice for the working-class British girls raped and brutalised by Muslim grooming gangs, who are being ignored by mainstream feminists.

“[He’s] standing up for women’s rights. The feminist movement should be supporting him as the champion of #MeToo.”

But just as the working-class victims of the Muslim grooming gangs have been ignored by feminists in favour or privileged Hollywood celebrities, Robinson’s greatest enemy is left-wing class snobbery. Robinson is an intelligent working-class man who just happens to not have a correctly “good” education. He went to Putteridge High School in Luton (where he excelled academically, but left at 16 for an aircraft engineering apprenticeship), not Oxford or Cambridge.

Most of all, he has that working-class accent.

“If it weren’t for the accent ,” Deborah says. “I would really think that he could be the next Prime Minister. Seriously. He’s so smart: He understands international issues, the economic issues of the country so well. He’d be a terrific Prime Minister – but they will never give him a moment’s peace, over his accent, and his speech patterns: speaking in ‘bad’ grammar.”

“But you saw the kind of numbers that poured out in support of him, last week.”
What Robinson does have is popular support: which is why the British establishment, the politicians, police and media, are so determined to crush him. When Robinson was summarily snatched from outside a courthouse, last month, he was effectively “disappeared”, in a trial and conviction that took mere hours.

As Robinson himself has said many times, the British establishment know that major civil unrest in response to the continued enormities of Islamic supremacists could explode at any instant. They pick on Tommy Robinson because they know that he won’t set off bombs outside pop concerts. MI5 admit that there are over 20 000 potentially violent jihadis at large in Britain. They’re terrified that if they act against Muslim criminals, the bombs will go off. More Manchesters. More Westminsters. More Tube attacks.

“They’re afraid of the youth,” Deborah says. The establishment are afraid “they’ll riot, to a degree they won’t be able to control.”

And that, she says, is part of the Islamic supremacists’ plan: to terrify British society into submission.

“That is a form of dhimmification. They’re dhimmifying the entire society.”

*“Deborah’s” name has been changed to protect her identity.

Free Tommy Robinson rallies are planned again for the 14th of July: Bastille Day, as it happens.

4 thoughts on “The shocking truth about Tommy Robinson

  1. Sharon N

    People are accusing Tommy of being racist just because he is trying to prevent England from becoming an Islamic State governed by Sharia Law like Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where people are executed for leaving Islam or just for being homosexual. Maybe you should watch this video, in which Tommy’s Pakistani friend Mohammed Fyaz speaks at Tommy’s political rally at Salford If Tommy is racist why has he got a conviction for punching someone who was shouting racist abuse at one of his best friends called Andre? Tommy promoted the Justice For Nigel campaign to help an Indian man who was beaten up in a racist attack, and he works alongside the Sikh Awareness Network ( and helps Pakistani Christians who are being persecuted for leaving Islam. Here he is interviewing Nissar Hussain who was almost killed just for leaving Islam: (

    Tommy left the EDL because he didn’t approve of racists who had tried to take it over and he gave the names of those racists to the police. He is kind-hearted and does a lot to help others. Tommy pledged all his MEP salary to charities who support victims of grooming gangs, he fundraises for the homeless, and for people with Cerebral Palsy, and he donated all the proceeds from his second book for a terminally ill boy called Dylan to go to Disneyworld. He also instigated the March Against Hate and the Justice for Chelsey campaign, and does a lot of fundraising for the Amelia Mae Foundation. Some people claim that he must be racist because he joined the BNP. The reason he joined is because they were the only people who vowed to get justice for the victims of the mass rape gangs. However, he only attended one meeting and left because they revealed themselves to be genuine racists and banned black people from joining.

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    1. The sheer volume of lies piled on Tommy by the media is astonishing. It’s like watching an old-school Soviet show-trial in action.

      What’s particularly galling is that the very same fools who started dressing up in Guy Fawkes masks after watching “V for Vendetta” are now watching an almost-identical case of repression play out – and cheering it on.


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