Why You Should Talk to People You Disagree With

In what should be essential viewing, Steven Crowder memorably outlined just how social media intrinsically leads to echo-chambers. This is just as true of the right as the left. Leading by example, Crowder’s “Change My Mind” videos attempt to break the groupthink by explicitly reaching out and talking only to people who disagree with him. …

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A Tale of Three Twits

Recently, three high-profile Twitter users have been pilloried in the court of digital opinion. Two made crass jokes, the other vomited years of racist abuse. While the jokers found their careers abruptly aborted, the racist has been promoted to the pinnacle of her career.

Originally published at Incite.
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Exit the Humanists, Stage Left

The intent of this post is not to to adopt a position for or against any of the issues mentioned in it – be it same-sex marriage, euthanasia or abortion – but to point out that humanism, even secular humanism, does not, ipso facto, dictate a particular position on any of them. Yet many secular humanists seem to assume, indeed openly argue, the opposite.

This does a disservice both to the public sphere, and to humanism itself, leading as it does, some secular humanists to adopt deeply anti-humanist attitudes. Do read on ...