Big Birther

As this article notes, Australian political scandals are like our bushfires: they blow up out of nowhere, and burn fast and hard. Developments in this one are coming hard and fast. I'll post some updates as I can.  New article for the Connor Post Way back when he actually used to be occasionally funny rather …

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Free College: The Australian Experience

The Whitlam years are the Camelot myth of the Australian left, and possibly no legend is more important to the mythopeia of Whitlam than that Whitlam abolished university fees and made higher education available to working-class Australians for the first time. So much for the legend - what does the historical record say about the …

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Abbott Derangement Syndrome: A Warning from the Antipodes

The Australian experience of recent years should stand as a warning to the new American administration. My latest piece for the Connor Post. Tony Abbott is a politician who, while certainly not without his faults, inspires in his enemies a level of hatred that is little short of deranged. A devastating campaigner who despatched a lacklustre opposition, …

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