The Lies of Black Lives Matter

They Can’t Handle You Knowing the Truth.

Black Lives Matter is the biggest, dumbest, most vicious conspiracy theory since the Tsarist secret police faked up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Its entire narrative is, as Jim Goad writes, “moored in lies and rampaging innumeracy”.

It’s paramount, of course, to distinguish at the outset between the assertion that black lives matter and the Black Lives Matter movement. The former is a basic statement of humanism; the latter is a violently racist, revolutionary communist paramilitary movement. But, in a typical bait-and-switch, the left pretend that opposing the second is the same as opposing the first – in other words, you’re just a racist if you don’t want to tear down Western civilisation.

The biggest problem for BLM, though, is that their lies are so easily debunked. So, what do the left do? Why, lie about the facts, too. And call them “racist”. Everything the left don’t like is racist – especially facts.

For instance, in response to the glaring fact that blacks are overwhelmingly more homicidal and generally disposed to commit crime than any other group in America, BLM try to claim that “black neighbourhoods are more heavily policed than white neighbourhoods”. This is, needless to say, not supported by the facts.

Comparing the most heavily-policed cities in America with their black/white demographics shows reveals no obvious pattern of racial disparity. If anything, the heavily policed cities tend to be more likely to be majority white.

U.S. cities with the most LEOs per capita, with their population demographics. A Devil’s Curmudgeon.

This doesn’t break down to a “neighbourhood” level, of course. But if you find more police patrolling black neighbourhoods of mixed-race or majority-white cities, then surely it’s for the same reason you find more fire trucks at fires? As Steve Sailer puts it, “Well, of course…that’s due to all the shootings”.

Because Black crime rates exceed every other group’s in almost every category. There are rare, notable, exceptions, such as “prostitution and commercialised vice” (a distinctly Asian predilection, almost certainly related to Triad crime gangs); otherwise even white-collar crimes are dominated by blacks.

Trying to blame grossly disparate black crime rates on “ticketing quotas” is even more mendacious. Because it’s an urban legend. Police might have unofficial quotas for speeding fines and drink-driving tests, but they certainly don’t for crimes like murder or rape. In fact, the alleged “quota” crimes, like drink-driving, are some of the few in which blacks don’t lead (Native Americans own that one). Tickets aren’t even recorded as arrests.

BLM also point to the disparity of higher rates of black arrests for marijuana possession, despite whites reporting higher rates of use. But there is one, huge problem with this claim: both blacks and whites lie about their drug use. When rates of reported drug use are compared with actual use as determined by urinalysis, it turns out that whites brag about taking more drugs than they really do, while blacks dissemble about their actual drug use – by a lot. In fact, blacks are twice as likely to lie about their drug use than whites.

So, the indisputable fact is that blacks simply do commit more crimes.

The more crimes you commit, especially involving weapons, the more you’re going to come up against the police – and not in a friendly, “What seems to be the problem, officer?” fashion. Of course the risk of getting shot by police is much higher for criminals.

In fact, as (black) scholars like Wilfred Reilly and Roland G. Fryer have shown, when all factors are adjusted for – rates of offending, the likelihood of hostile interactions with police, and so on – the racial disparity tilts back against whites. Fryer concluded that blacks were 27.4% less likely to be shot by police.

Undeterred, BLM tries to dismiss black criminality as a causal factor at all. Mostly by, again, lying.

For instance, they claim that “Eric Garner was killed for selling loosey cigarettes”. That simply isn’t true. Garner was arrested for that crime – over thirty times, as it happens: no one could accuse him of being a quick learner – but he died because he was a morbidly obese man who violently resisted arrest. An arrest supervised, as it happens, by a black female police sergeant – boy, those white supremacists are a diverse bunch!

Americans have 63 million interactions with police every year. Almost none of them (just 0.002%) end up getting shot by police. Last year, just 9 of them were unarmed blacks – 0.00001%.

These are the facts BLM desperately label “racist” because they don’t want anyone to look too closely. They are perfectly aware that, if the truth were widely known, their entire, stupid, ignorant conspiracy theory would vanish in a puff of hard, cold data.

Then BLM might be forced to explain their real agenda. Because it’s certainly not the preservation of black lives. More black lives have been extinguished by BLM rioters in just a few weeks than unarmed blacks were shot by police last year.

So, if it’s not about black lives, what is it?

Simple: the destruction of the American republic by violent, self-described “trained Marxists”.

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