The Final Insult

Pitiful scenes like this have played out around the world. For nothing. A Devil’s Curmudgeon.

This is it. The jig is finally up. The cover is blown and the veil of lies has been stripped away for all to see.

What little credibility most Western governments had over the Wuhan pandemic has been shredded over the last few days. The mania for lockdowns and restrictions has been brutally exposed as panicked political expediency – and blatantly dictatorial cronyism.

My wife’s favourite aunt died last week. Her grief was only compounded by the fact that COVID-19 restrictions barred her from the funeral. Government-imposed border closures banned her from travelling interstate. Bureaucratic mandates meant that only a handful of mourners were even allowed to attend the service in person, anyway.

So we were forced to make do with watching a livestream of the service. Credit must be given, by the way, to funeral directors who’ve managed to quickly innovate in the face of government mandates. Even just a month or two ago, when a friend of mine, a popular figure in our home-town music scene, died suddenly, livestreaming wasn’t even an option.

My wife’s distress at not being there was only compounded by the video feed showing a pitiful smattering of people scattered around the almost empty chapel. It looked for all the world like a funeral for a family who all detested each other.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

My wife’s aunt was well-loved: gregarious and community-minded. Retirement barely slowed her down, as she gave more of her time than ever. My musician friend too, gave tirelessly to his local community, universally lauded as the bloke who was always there to lend a hand, especially to new-comer musicians.

By rights, their funerals ought have been packed to the gunwales. That it would have been was borne out by the scrolling list of virtual attendees. My musician friend’s funeral should have been a raucous celebration. Funerals are for the living: to mourn together, celebrate together, farewell together.

Instead, that nearly-empty chapel and hundreds of mourners staring tearfully at their computer monitors, their bereavement compounded by not being able to share their sorrow.

This, we were told, was necessary. All the near-empty funerals. The elderly separated from their grandchildren. Grandmothers left to spend Mother’s Day alone. The empty pubs, sports stadiums, the ‘non-essential workers’ kicked onto the dole queue. This, we were told, was all the price of beating the virus.

Now we know that it was all a damned lie.

Barely a week after my wife’s aunt’s funeral, thousands of people packed like sardines into the centres of Australia’s major cities to protest in support of an imported American left-wing conspiracy theory. The killing of George Floyd and the “Black Lives Matter” narrative is of absolutely no relevance to Australia. Yet not only did governments and police do nothing about the protests, they publicly bestowed their blessings on what were, by their own rules, illegal gatherings.

Police who had previously found time to break up weddings, order people off beaches, fine parents for taking their teenagers for a driving lesson, or people for washing their cars, did nothing. Politicians who, just a week before, had blasted anti-lockdown protesters as irresponsible granny-killers, not only praised the new wave of protests, but even marched in lockstep with them. Public health officials who for months had sternly warned the nation to “stay home”, lent their support.

Perhaps most egregiously, the ABC gushed with enthusiasm. Yet, less than a fortnight ago, the ABC was damning anti-lockdown protests as “a dangerous political act”. The anti-lockdown movement was sneered at as “a determined minority[…]exploiting the crisis”. For months, in fact, the ABC was the alarmist tail wagging the political dog. Every time a state government tightened the screws, the ABC was there, hounding them to go harder. When governments began to relax restrictions, the ABC ramped up the scaremongering about a so-called “Second Wave”.

All that was thrown to the wind this morning. ABC gushed their congratulations to the BLM protesters. “Well done to everyone,” cooed Leon Compton on ABC Radio Tasmania.

Why the special dispensation for these mass public gatherings? Does a virus somehow distinguish between a few hundred grieving family and friends and a rent-a-crowd of thousands? Does COVID-19 spread like wildfire in football stadiums but not crowded public squares?

Of course it doesn’t. Viruses don’t discriminate, but politicians, police and the media do.

If you were in any doubt that the game was being rigged in favour of the loonier and loonier left, there’s no room for doubt any more. The elite have played their hand and the marked cards are on the table for all to see. The Australian public have every right to be furious. They have been played for mugs and treated with absolute contempt by the modern ruling class.

“Stay home, save lives” was a blatant, damnable, contemptible lie. It was never about public health, it was only ever about control.

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