Racism: You Couldn’t Make it up

As one social media wag observed about the Jussie Smollett hoax, demand for racism in America has so far outstripped supply that the left are having to just make it up.

Since the election of President Trump, America has been plagued with an outbreak of hate-crime hoaxes. Entire websites have been set up to chronicling these fake incidents – not including the egregious SPLC, which actually believes the nonsense it promulgates. Yet, no matter how clumsy and obvious these hoaxes are, the left-media elite happily fall for them every time: because it’s not a lie if you believe it, as the great sage George Constanza once said.

The Australian left are in the same quandary as their American fellows.

They just know Australia is irredeemably racist, no matter how much devious Australian racists persist in not being actually racist. Local studies and international surveys consistently show that Australia is one of the most racially-tolerant nations in the world. As Mark Latham has said, “the average Aussie is more likely to think of Xenophobe as a horse running in the third at Randwick”. But, as their continued enthusiasm for socialism despite more than a century of socialist collapses shows, failure is no deterrent to the left’s grand delusions. Instead, the left come up with ever-more ingenious excuses to explain why reality is just wrong.

When Australians deviously refuse to be the foaming racists that the left insist they are, the left just invent a new type of racism: “unconscious racism”. If we say we’re not racists, that just proves we’re racist and we don’t want to admit it. The left use their staggeringly superior intellects to read the minds of millions of Australians and discover the festering racism that they always knew just had to be there.

A prime case in point is the finger-wagging movie, The Final Quarter, which purports to document the “racist” booing controversy which dogged the tail end of Adam Goodes’ football career.

Australian Rules Football is a game which elicits impassioned crowd participation, as every umpire and player knows. Many players have become crowd villains and been booed regularly, over the years. Warwick Capper, Mark “Jacko” Jackson, and many others, were all players crowds loved to hate, and love to let them know. Even today, players like Gary Ablett have been targeted by sustained booing from parochial crowds.

But Adam Goodes was apparently special and untouchable. Adam Goodes is Aboriginal.

Goodes first began to attract, shall we say, negative crowd reactions when he was accused of regularly “staging” in order to score free kicks. Crowds can spot a faker and soon let them know. When the left were finally able to identify what Goodes claimed as a genuine, unreconstructed racist, the elite outrage machine went into hyperventilating overdrive.

Yet, even that case turned out to be much less than it was made out to be. When a 12 year old girl called Goodes an “ape”, she was dragged away by security, at Goodes’ behest, and grilled – unaccompanied – by police for hours. The girl steadfastly maintained that the taunt was not intended to be racist.

But none of that mattered to the great and good of the media-political elite, not to mention “woke-Central” at the AFL management. Goodes is Aboriginal, therefore any dislike of him must be “racist”, no matter what anyone said.

Never mind, either, that dozens of Aboriginal players over the years have been widely admired and celebrated by fans. From Polly Farmer to the Rioli clan, Gavin Wanganeen and Buddy Franklin, many Aboriginal players have been beloved of crowds.

With typically ingenious excuse-making, the left hand-wave away these inconvenient facts as “suppressed unconscious racism”.

Which really says more about the miserablist, hateful mindset of the left than it does anything else. They are so convinced of the unredeemable rottenness of their fellow Australians – and, by contrast, their own stunning moral superiority – that they just cannot conceive of Australians as anything but a horde of knuckle-dragging racists. Of course, the dark, dispiriting possibility that the real problem might be them, not everyone else, is just too dreadful to contemplate.

Racism: It’s the Left have left. A Devil’s Curmudgeon.

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