Litany of Lies: A Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Cover-Up

The Scale of Beijing’s Monstrous Duplicity Is Staggering.

This article was written towards the end of March. We’ve learned a bit more about the sheer bastardry of China’s deceit, and more particularly that the information about the Wuhan wet market may be yet more deceit. Which would certainly explain even more clearly why the Chinese government moved so quickly to destroy those early samples.

But the basic point of this one still stands.

We all know that the Chinese regime have screwed over, not just their own people, but the whole world with its lies and cover-ups over the COVID-19 pandemic. But the true, staggering scale of their monstrous duplicity, and the horror that has resulted, can only really be appreciated by following the exact timeline of what happened and how Beijing lied about it at every turn.

Just as HBO’s Chernobyl shocked everyone who watched it, the following timeline should appall anyone who isn’t a rusted-on apparatchik of the Chinese Communist Party.

How Beijing’s lies infected the world. A Devil’s Curmudgeon. Source:


Yes, 2007: a journal article warned that “the presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb.”

In other words, Beijing knew that China’s “wet markets” were a “time bomb”. But the same regime which follows its citizens every move and imprisons millions of Uighurs did nothing to stamp these markets out.


Chinese experts were still warning that a new coronavirus ourbreak originating from bats was “highly likely” and that “there is an increased probability that this will occur in China”. Still the wet markets stayed open, peddling everything from live bats to live pangolins.

November 17: The first case of someone suffering from COVID-19 occurs in Wuhan, according to the South China Morning Post.

December: More cases of sickness in people linked to Wuhan’s wet market occur.

So far, to be fair, it was not readily apparent that a zoonosis (disease migrating from animals to humans) was breaking out. But, from hereon in, there is little excuse for official inaction.

December 27: Zhang Jixian, a doctor at the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, sounds the alarm about a new disease that has already affected 180 patients, according to the Morning Post.

December 26-30: The first evidence of the new virus is revealed through Wuhan patient data, which had been sent to multiple Chinese genomics companies. Hubei’s health commission responded by allegedly ordering a genomics company to stop testing the new virus and destroy all samples.

The active cover-ups have begun. Given that Beijing was repeatedly warned about deadly zoonoses erupting in China’s wet markets, alarm bells should have been ringing loud and clear. In fact, they obviously were: but not the alarm to get the outbreak under control, but the Chinese Communist Party’s absolute first priority: secrecy.

December 31: A month after the outbreak began and nearly a week after Chinese officials knew something big was breaking out, they finally alert the World Health Organization (WHO) China Country Office about pneumonia with an unknown cause affecting people in Wuhan.

The indefensible has collided with the incompetent.

The fact that the Chinese government knew is demonstrated clearly by the fact that the censors have moved in. Chinese social media begins censoring terms like “Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia,” “SARS Variation,” “Wuhan Seafood Market,” and anything critical of the government’s response to the disease.

This point cannot be reiterated enough: they knew. The very fact of the censorship is proof that, by New Year’s, China absolutely knew.

A police officers and security guards stand outside the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP. A Devil’s Curmudgeon


Now, the arrests begin.

January 1: Eight doctors are detained and interrogated by the communist government and condemned for “making false statements on the Internet”. One, Dr. Li Wenliang is forced to write a typical communist “self-criticism” letter.

The cover-up gets even worse:

At the same time, Chinese health authorities order genomics companies to stop testing the virus and destroy all their samples. The epicentre of this pandemic, the Wuhan market, is closed and then “disinfected” without swabbing animal cages or taking blood samples from workers. Beijing is engaging in the equivalent of a murderer wiping their fingerprints from the scene of the crime.

January 3: China’s National Health Commission issues a gag order and orders pneumonia samples moved to designated testing facilities or destroyed. The Commission also orders institutions not to publish any information about the still unknown disease.

January 5: Professor Zhang Yongzhen of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center provided the genomic sequence of the virus to Chinese authorities. So, by this time, China knows without a doubt that it is dealing with a novel coronavirus. How do they respond? The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission stops releasing daily updates on new cases.

January 10: Wang Guangfa, a prominent People’s Republic of China government expert, told state broadcaster China Central Television that the pneumonia outbreak was “under control”.

January 11: A whistle-blower tries to get the truth out. In the face of Chinese government inaction, Prof. Zhang Yongzhen publishes his data online. The very next day, his lab is closed for “rectification”. With the cat out of the bag and on the internet, China’s National Health Commission finally shares the virus genomic information with the WHO – a week after they got it.

January 14-15: WHO, along with Chinese medical authorities, finally concede human-to-human transmission, but downplay its risk as “low”. Chinese plainclothes police begin detaining journalists in Wuhan, deleting footage and taking cameras and phones for inspection.

Now we enter the realm of the truly, astonishingly reckless.

January 18: Wuhan holds a “potluck” banquet for 40,000 families to try and break a world record.

January 20: Dr. Zhong Nanshan, who helped fight SARS, says in a TV interview that the coronavirus is spreading from person to person. Nanshan also said later that if the Chinese government had acted in December or early January to contain the virus, “the number of sick would have been greatly reduced”. At the same time, Wuhan’s mayor claims that Beijing prevented him from disclosing information about the threat of the disease.

China’s COVID-19 Infection history – and how it might have played out if Beijing hadn’t lied and covered up. A Devil’s Curmudgeon. Source: Lai et al, 2020.

January 23: Wuhan is finally locked down, even though about 5 million people had already left the city without being screened by that time.

Any hope of containing the outbreak is completely lost. In any case, Beijing is far less interested in containing the disease than it is in covering up the truth.

February 6: President Xi Jinping orders the country’s Internet watchdog to further control social media platforms. On this same day, citizen journalist Chen Qiushi, who was also a former rights attorney, disappeared in Wuhan after posting footage from overcrowded hospitals and panicking families.

February 7: The brave early whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, pays the ultimate price. Li dies after contracting COVID-19 from a patient.

Still the cover-ups continue.

February 9: Local businessman turned citizen journalist, Fang Bin, disappears after posting videos from Wuhan on Chinese social media.

February 15: Activist Xu Zhiyong is arrested, after two months on the run, for a February 4 essay calling for Xi to resign for suppressing information about the coronavirus.

February 16: Professor Xu Zhangrun is put on house arrest and banned from social media and the Internet for publishing an essay stating “The coronavirus epidemic has revealed the rotten core of Chinese governance”.

A month later and the cover-ups and lies continue still. Reporters have had their press credentials revoked. More activists have disappeared. Beijing is spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories, which are too often lapped up by the eager useful idiots in the legacy media.

As YouTube firebrand Pat Condell says, “Xi Xinping and his party have shamed their country in the eyes of the world[…]They have always been enemies of the Chinese people, now they are enemies of all humanity”.

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