The Trump Doctrine and the Opportunity of the 21st Century

2020 Will Potentially Set the Template for the 21st Century.

Subjecting myself to the ordeal of listening to Australia’s taxpayer-funded leftist propaganda network ABC radio, some time ago, I listened with mixed bemusement and exasperation as their “foreign policy expert” whined that Trump was upsetting the established world order.

“That’s the whole point, you idiot!” I shouted at the radio. The established world order is corrupt, venal globalism. It deserves to be not merely upset, but tarred, feathered and driven screaming from the global village in shame and ignominy.

Contrary to the witterings of idiot “experts”, there is a coherent Trump Doctrine and it’s simple and effective. The “experts” just have their heads too far up their collective backsides to see it. Which is why Trump confounds and infuriates them. Part of that is their failure to understand Trump’s often challenging rhetoric. Trump has an ADHD-like ability to skip from topic to topic and draw conclusions almost intuitively.

What infuriates them most is that the Trump Doctrine is, simply, “America First”. As Orwell wrote, within the intelligentsia a hostile attitude towards toward their own country is compulsory. “Many of them could not help getting a certain kick out of seeing their own country humiliated.”

Even worse for these elites, the Trump Doctrine is in almost every way the repudiation of the sainted Obama Doctrine of betraying America’s allies and toadying to its enemies. But it is also rejects much of the Bush Doctrine, which saw America dragged into pointless, endless wars.

But, while it rejects much of both, the Trump Doctrine does retain what was worthwhile in both, without surrendering to their delusions. Like Obama, the Trump Doctrine prefers non-military solutions first. Unlike Obama, Trump never negotiates from a position of supplication. Trump shares Bush’s willingness to use force, unilaterally and pre-emptively if necessary – but Trump is viscerally averse to endless wars and playing World Policeman. Trumpian force is discriminating and focused.

Trump talks hard and carries a big stick in plain sight.

Above all, the Trump Doctrine is hard-headed realism. It rejects the “new world order” fantasies of both the Bush Dynasty and Obama. The world is what it is. Every nation looks out for its self-interest above all – which as often necessitates rather than precludes co-operation. Friends are still friends, but frenemies are not. Nor are enemies of enemies necessarily friends.

The Trump Doctrine has run up a string of successes. Jerusalem has been properly recognised as Israel’s capital. The Obama Iran deal, which had the hardline Islamic regime on a sure track to acquiring nuclear weapons, has been unceremoniously junked. Iran’s leadership has also been warned in no uncertain terms that even its highest ranks are not safe so long as the regime sponsors terrorism.

Perfidious European “allies” have been shocked into finally stumping up for their share of NATO costs. Contrary to the left-media narrative, Trump has shored up Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine against Russian aggression. North Korea plays its usual games but is being steadily drawn to the negotiation table.

In the post-COVID-19 world, the Trump Doctrine faces its biggest challenge so far – and it and the world’s greatest opportunity.

The challenge is that the Xi regime is throwing everything it can behind its soft-power propaganda and is blatantly attempting to capitalise on the economic damage its lies have wreaked. But communist China is on the public’s nose in a way it hasn’t been since 1989. Fury against Beijing is running hot across the world. Ordinary people are demanding, louder than ever, that the Xi regime be made a global pariah – and that it pay for its lies with hard cash.

The great opportunity for the Trump Doctrine is to capitalise on that white-hot anger. The left-elite may clutch their pearls, but when Trump unequivocally calls out “Chi-na”, ordinary people cheer.

Trump has already shown, in his 2019 trade war, that Xi will quickly blink when his bluff is called. Trump has shown once that Beijing is more paper tiger than dragon. Like all brutal authoritarians, Xi may have a big military, but unlike free democracies, the bulk of that force is needed to keep his own people in line. Xi daren’t risk war with America and face revolt at home.

2020, post-virus, will be perhaps the defining year of the 21st century. The Western world is lucky to have a leader like Trump at the helm of the world’s strongest military.

Trump may be a bully, but he is the right bully. Sometimes you need a righteous bully by your side to take down an even worse bully.

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