Not Letting a Good Panic Go to Waste

We Are Being Driven Like Panicked Lemmings.

The Roman statesmen Cicero once wrote: “Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a most honest and most wise judge, was in the habit of asking time and again in lawsuits: to whom might it be for a benefit?

Cui bono?, as it goes in Latin, is not an infallible argument, but it’s worth remembering. Especially at a time like now, when our economies are being wrecked and our liberties trampled over with barely a peep of protest.

Time will tell if the overwhelming fear of the Chinese Virus is justified – although, as we learn more, its deadliness is being steadily downgraded – but what should be obvious even now is who is trying to exploit that fear. As Roger Kimball writes, “the Wuhan Panic is a textbook case of the Rahm Emanuel principle that you never want a good crisis to go to waste”.

Almost without a peep of protest, states across the Western world have been permitted to impose rigid control over everything from businesses to churches, clubs, community groups. Whole cities, countries, have been “locked down”, with their populace more or less confined to their houses. The military and police are enforcing the curfews. Police in Australia who utterly failed to notice African criminal gangs even as they rampaged in hundreds through Melbourne’s streets, were suddenly able to mobilise 500 officers to swoop on ordinary Melbournians going to the beach.

In Britain, the state is urging citizens to go full Stasi and snitch on their neighbours if they dare so much as go out of the house to exercise more than once a day.

Notably, the charge to lock down, close up, isolate, snitch, is being led by the elite, from Hollywood celebrities to state-employed media, who have the least to worry about. As rapper and social commentator Eric July notes, “Folks with guaranteed jobs are telling people that can’t work they have be imprisoned in their houses for an indefinite amount of time”.

The political left are using the crisis to whip their favourite hobby-horses. Australia’s far-left unions are pushing for a Universal Basic Income, in which the government pays workers laid off up to 80% of their wages. Welfare payments are being doubled.

Who seriously wants to bet that, having discovered that the government is willing to hand out “free” money, the tap will be so easily turned off?

Worse, the party rushing to profit the most from the COVID-19 panic are the ones responsible for the whole mess: China.

Having unleashed the virus on the world with its lies and secrecy, China is now cynically attempting to profit from the rotten fruit of its malfeasance.

Firstly, Beijing is using the crisis to fuel its propaganda machine. Having lied, lied, and lied again to its own people, the communist regime is whipping up anti-Western hysteria with yet more lies, in order to further cement its iron rule. It may seem ludicrous to us in the West for Beijing to blame America for the Wuhan virus, but for Chinese living in a communist-controlled bubble, the notion that foreign devils are to blame for COVID-19 is rapidly catching on in Chinese social media.

Even more galling, China now is strutting and proclaiming itself as a global saviour. Chinese-owned companies pillaged Western medical supplies while China was lying to the rest of the world that anything much was happening at all. Now, China is doling out the same medical supplies and big-noting its own bullshit philanthropy.

The Western media-elite are eagerly parroting Beijing’s propaganda.

“China’s biggest threat is now those bringing the virus into the country,” babbled’s Victoria Craw. Globalist lickspittles like WHO also reprinted Beijing’s press releases: “the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history,” it prattled. In a script which might as well have come direct from Chinese state-controlled television, WHO gushed about the “deep commitment of the Chinese people to collective action in the face of this common threat”.

Finally, and perhaps most egregiously, China, having wrecked Western economies, is poised to swoop. Chinese state-run businesses are hovering like so many bloated, disgusting, communist vultures over Western businesses driven to the point of collapse by the Chinese Virus. Xi Xinping is demanding that “all G20 members take collective actions”, such as cutting tariffs and opening borders – in other words, throwing open the world economy to even more Chinese predation. Xi is also demanding a “global network of control and treatment” led by China.

China, remember, which is directly responsible for up to 95% of cases of the Chinese virus around the world because of its communist culture of secrecy and lies.

As the great Johnny Rotten said, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?”

We are being driven like panicked lemmings over the cliff of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

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