Time to Stop Laughing at Sleepy Joe

In the three weeks since this article was first published, the Democrats have made their choice. Sanders’ presidential hopes are over. The Dems obviously weren’t prepared to be crazy-brave.

Remember when the left-media were wall-to-wall mocking of candidate Donald Trump in 2016? Worst, of course, were the late-night “comedians” (so-called). Whether it was John Oliver sniggering about “Drumpf!” or Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart hooting and jeering, the default leftist position was mockery. The election campaign was perhaps best summed by the screams of laughter and goggle-eyed derision that greeted Ann Coulter’s prediction in June 2015 that Trump would win.

It was all so childish and annoying, wasn’t it?

Well, guess what? That’s probably exactly how Democrats feel, now, as the right jeer and mock “Sleepy Joe” Biden.

To be fair, Biden is a ripe target for mockery. Everything from his creepy handsiness and hair-sniffing, to his stumbling, dementia-like speaking style, just begs to be pointed and laughed at.

But so does Trump, with his weird hair and tan, and the disconnected grandiosity of his rhetoric.

Trump and Biden are both the antithesis of the smooth-talking (at least, when he had an autocue) Obama.

But voters eventually saw through the Obama car-salesman act. The left can whine all they like that Trump isn’t “presidential”, but that’s missing the whole point. Trump isn’t meant to be “presidential”. In electing Trump, voters were declaring, “to hell with ‘presidential’, we want results”.

Joe Biden isn’t “presidential”, either. He hasn’t been since he was caught describing Obamacare as a “fucking big deal”, nor when he was bragging about interfering politically in the Ukraine. His complete disregard for anything like female personal space (in public, rather than discreetly, on a billionaire pedo’s private island, which is how politicians are supposed to behave) is hardly “presidential”, either.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Democrat voters, any more than Trump’s “unsuitability” mattered to Republicans. Biden is surging ahead in the primaries. “Super Tuesday” was a wipeout for all the other Dem candidates.

The choice facing Democrat voters this election is between completely surrendering to the lunar left as exemplified by Sanders, Warren and the “Squad” types, or playing it safe and sticking with an establishment Swamp Monster.

Sanders would be the crazy-brave choice for Democrats, just as Trump was for Republicans in 2016. It’s becoming increasingly clear that while Democrat voters are happy to be crazy in spades, as they literally scream helplessly at the sky, they’re hardly prepared to be brave. One by one, the far leftists are being swept off the stage.

For all his gaffes, forgetfulness and weird creepiness, Joe Biden is the safe choice for Democrats.

Which is why the right mocks him at their peril.

Biden may also be a more daunting opponent for Trump. For a start, Biden is clearly not without political nous: he was vice-president, after all. Despite the hapless Dan Quayle providing so much comic relief in the 80s, veeps have generally been pretty formidable characters. Seven out of the last 23 became president in their own right. Biden didn’t get a heartbeat away from the presidency just by sniffing hair and forgetting which woman is his wife.

Sanders, a doddering socialist who’s mooched off the public purse for his entire working life, offers far more meat for Trump to chew on in debates. Mocking Hillary in 2016 was a winner because I suspect that even Democrats must surely have secretly enjoyed seeing the reptilian hag taken down a peg or two.

But picking on sleepy ol’ Uncle Joe is just going to look mean. And that’s the danger for Trump. Voters already on the Trump Train won’t care, but wavering Democrats, who Trump is slowly winning over in surprising numbers, might be repulsed enough (again, remember how the constant mocking of Trump felt?) to scurry back to their safe space.

To be fair, Ann Coulter reckons that Trump will dodge a bullet if Bernie drops out. Biden, she says, is the “I guess he’ll do” candidate. Given that Coulter called it so well in 2015, her opinion is obviously worth listening to.

Still, I can’t help feeling that Trump is going to have to rein in his natural instinct to go for the comedic jugular if – or, increasingly likely, when – he faces Biden in the debate forum later this year.

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