The Unbearable Assholes of Rainbow Bullying

I recently had a representative of the “rainbow” brigade ruffle its feathers at me and petulantly hiss that “us alphabet people are very welcoming of all kinds of people…we are seen as a place of acceptance, equality and diversity”. Whereupon I suggested that perhaps La Rainbow might want to broaden its horizons somewhat beyond the bleach and Crisco-scented confines of Fisting Night at the local “Pride” parade.

Because, increasingly, not just in the wider community but within the gay community itself, the rainbow lobby are seen as vicious, intolerant bullies. As Douglas Murray writes, “the [gay rights] movement behaved – in victory – as its opponents once did – as oppressors. When the boot was on the other foot, something ugly happened”.

Something very ugly.

The Rainbow Worrier was most put out when I asked if its vaunted “acceptance” and “diversity” applied to, for instance, Wilson Gavin, the young gay man bullied to suicide by the “alphabet people”. Rainbow Brite flounced and scolded, of course, but the unfortunate examples of pink fascism pile up like a cluster-coitus in a gay nightclub with every passing day.

Not content with destroying his Australian playing career, the Gaystapo are determinedly hunting down Israel Folau as he tries to renew his career overseas. It’s a fair bet that absolutely no-one in the far reaches of Catalonia had the faintest awareness of the stupid, vicious campaign of hate against Folau over his social media posts. But that’s underestimating the vicious doggedness of the witch-hunters of wokeism. When Folau signed with the Catalan Dragons the howling furies of faggotry pursued him like so many Javerts in sequined g-strings. Catalan dutifully kissed the high-heeled jackboots of the alphabet brigade and Folau was shoved out of view faster than a red-headed step-child, when it came time to unveil the team’s new lineup.

Folau is not alone in suffering the relentless persecution of the Alphabet-SS.

Tennis legend Margaret Court may have been the greatest female player of all time, but has had the bad grace since to become a Christian minister who publicly expresses doubts over the wisdom of teaching preschoolers about the wonders of playing for the other team. Finally, grudgingly, forced to admit that Court truly ranks among the tennis greats, Tennis Australia gave her a perfunctory moment on centre court, but churlishly refused to even allow her to speak. It would have been more honest just to shove her on the podium wearing a rainbow ball-gag.

Even that superficial gesture was too much for the GayGB and its lickspittle enforcers. With not a trace of irony, screaming bully John McEnroe finger-wagged Court about “tolerance”, while Anna Wintour, whose authority as regards Australian sport remains a mystery to everyone, demanded that Australia rename Margaret Court Arena.

But it’s not only stuffy old Christians who are targets of the rainbow inquisitors. Feminist icon Germaine Greer has been ruthlessly un-personed for the “crime” of doubting that men packing a full meat’n’two veg in their panties are actually women. An Oxford academic and feminist who argued that “trans” activism frequently harms actual women was subjected to the full fagwa, necessitating full-time protection. Dozens more actual women have been similarly harassed, bullied, assaulted and even arrested for the same “hate crime”.

That vowing to inflict harm on women more-or-less proves the Oxford prof’s point is apparently beyond the feeble mental capacities of the cross-dressing Coo Cuck Clan.

Hell, even transgender people aren’t safe. Debbie Hayton, a transgender British physics teacher was summarily sent to the gaylag for the opinion that “trans women are men”.

So, Rainbow Worrier can preen all it likes in the borrowed plumage of “acceptance, equality and diversity”, but we plebs can see the truth for ourselves. The more the alphabet fascists bully, ostracise and unperson decent people for such unforgivable “crimes” as not being totally OK with mentally ill men in dresses dandling kiddies on their hairy knees, the less they’re able to hide their true, vicious, intolerance.

With apologies to both Huxley and Orwell, the gay new world looks increasingly like a gauntleted fist shoved up society’s arse – forever.

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