Gaia Macht Frei?

“The disposal units ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever” – Kyle Reese, “The Terminator”

The classic 1984 SF film The Terminator envisions a nightmare, dystopian future where the human species is all but wiped by genocidal machines. The artificial intelligence, SkyNet, decides that humans must be eradicated as a matter of self-preservation. The film’s unforgettable future scenes illustrate SkyNet’s human extermination scheme with scenes of war machines crunching across vast fields of human skulls.

Although the Terminator future would be a nightmare for any rational human being, it’s the wet dream of the anti-human zealots of Extinction Rebellion, who are far from rational. If they really believed their own rhetoric, a future without humans is the future they want.

The unhinged zealotry of the not-so-fringe of the green movement becomes depressingly more strident by the day. Yet, its misanthropy is nothing new. All they’ve lacked, so far (thankfully) is the conviction to really follow their arguments to their logical conclusions.

It’s been impossible for years to have any discussion of environmental issues without the inevitable chorus ranting about “the human plague” or “cancer”. These are not just fringe nutters, either. The “deep green” movement is the rapidly growing extreme of environmentalism. Their practical expression is the Krazy Klimate Kult, Extinction Rebellion. What were once the lunatic beliefs of the likes of the Unabomber are now mainstream environmentalism. Celebrity eco-activists like David Attenborough openly call humans “a plague”. Attenborough is a patron of the ominous “Population Matters” group, which wants to urgently reduce the human population.

Other “deep green” movements like Extinction Rebellion argue that not only must the population be reduced – urgently – but that industrial civilisation must be eradicated.

Think about those two demands: population reduction and pre-industrial civilisation. The implications of those demands are plain. All it takes is a little bit of back-of-the-envelope calculation. What emerges is terrifying.

The pre-industrial human population was about one billion people. Today it is about 7.7 billion. It is widely expected to peak at about 9 billion, some time this century.

Deep-green groups like Population Matters carefully avoid discussing numbers. Not so one prominent left-wing power-broker I once discussed this topic with. This person flatly stated that “we must reduce the human population to two billion within 50 years”.

So, it’s not unreasonable to conclude that mainstream environmentalists dream of a world population of between one and two billion. This, they repeatedly argue, is a matter of absolute urgency. It is not up for discussion: the human population must be reduced to these numbers in order to avoid imminent mass extinction of all life on earth. I’m not making up or exaggerating these numbers. I wish I was.

So, let’s run them across the back-of-the-envelope.

At current death rates, even if all births immediately ceased, even the upper target of two billion would require that some 80 million human beings be murdered every year, for the next 50 years.

Let me repeat that: 80 million people must be killed, every year, for the next 50 years.

Amazingly, when I showed these numbers to the left-wing power-broker, he still stood by his argument.

The prospect of mass-murder ten times that of a Mao, Stalin or Hitler is deemed completely reasonable by mainstream green-left activists.

So far, thank all the gods ever dreamed of, the green movement lacks only the courage of its convictions to put its genocidal dream into action. So far – so far – only a handful of fringe lunatics, like the Unabomber, El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius, and Christchurch terrorist Brenton Tarrant, have been motivated enough to put their beliefs into murderous action.

But how long will it just be the fringe loonies killing people to “save the planet”? Extinction Rebellion are becoming more and more extremists. Other militant environmental groups have been mounting a wave of criminal actions against farms in Australia.

Mainstream environmentalist rhetoric is becoming more and more overtly violent. “Kill Climate Deniers” was a play that attracted tens of thousands of taxpayer-dollars from the left-wing ACT government. Pundits on Australia’s taxpayer-funded national broadcaster opine that “we just need to identify the right poison and the right dose to knock out the offending malignant parasite”.

Perhaps they have Xyklon B in mind?

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