Some Inconvenient Truths for the Climate Kids

In a way, you almost have to admire Al Gore’s chutzpah in titling his mockumentary which did so much to snowball the global warming panic, An inconvenient truth. Because there’s bugger-all truth in it. In fact, a British judge ruled that the film couldn’t be shown to schoolchildren without a disclaimer acknowledging its factual errors.

Well, here are some real inconvenient truths for the hysterical children throwing their “climate strike” tanties in wealthy nations around the globe:

You’ve been had.

Almost everything you’ve been told about a “climate emergency” is complete rubbish. Your climate queen sits on a throne of lies. The only people who have “stolen your hopes and dreams” are the adults lying to you that the world is about to end.

Here’s are some of the inconvenient truths that teachers, green politicians and scowling Swedish kids aren’t going to tell you.

People are not dying because of climate change.

You have never been less likely to die of a climate-related disaster.

You are not about to die.

In fact, you are likelier to live a longer, healthier, richer life than any generation of humans before you. So grow up, get married, have children, and stop crying.

There was a good reason people use to travel to warmer climes “for the good of their health”. A warm world is a healthy world. In fact, cold weather is 20 times more likely to kill you than hot weather.

“Extreme weather” is not increasing.

Hurricanes are not getting more frequent. In fact, they’re at a 45 year low. Cyclones are getting less frequent, too. Tornadoes are not getting more frequent, nor are they getting stronger.

Despite what certain celebrity scientists might say, Australia is not entering a permanent drought. In fact, Australia’s rainfall over the past century has actually increased.

Nor is the current drought caused by global warming. Ask prominent climatologist, Professor Andy Pitman: “As far as the climate scientists know there is no link between climate change and drought”. In face, “…there is no reason a priori why climate change should made the landscape more arid.”

Your “house” is not on fire.

The world is not being engulfed in flames. Wildfires are not increasing. In fact, they’re falling dramatically. Around the world, the area burned by fire is down 24 per cent over 18 years. Even the Amazon, despite the recent scaremongering, is experiencing less fire.

The world is getting greener.

Vegetation cover, especially forests, is increasing dramatically. Global green leaf area has increased 5% since 2000.

A green world is a well-fed world.

Eco-activists have been shrieking since the 1960s that humans, even in wealthy countries like the US, are unavoidably headed for mass-starvation. They were obviously wrong. They still are. There is more food than ever before. Humans all around the world are better fed than ever before.

Low-lying Pacific islands are not drowning.

Almost all of them are doing just fine. 43% – including those islands making loud calls for “climate compensation” (i.e. our and other rich countries’ money), like Tuvalu – are growing, and another 43% are stable.

Don’t cry over the fluffy polar bears.

Don’t let scaremongering activists frighten you with fake ads about polar bears plummeting to their deaths. They’re not going extinct. Polar bear populations appear to be either stable or increasing.

These are not “projections” churned out by computer models which a prominent climate scientist has recently described as “useless junk” for predicting the future. These are all facts. Hard, empirical data, sourced from scientists and respected global agencies.

Print this out and wave it at your teachers, next time they tell you to go on “climate strike”, and demand to know why they’re not telling you the truth.

Most importantly, remember the cardinal rule of science: Nullius in Verba. “Take nobody’s word for it.” Click on the links, explore the facts, and decide for yourself.

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