The Golden Trio’s Feet of Clay

“Why is it always you three?”

In the Harry Potter mythos, “the Golden Trio” has become the fan sobriquet for the stories’ central protagonists: Harry, Hermione and Ron. Somewhat appropriately, given their loud-mouthed social justice warrior author, the Golden Trio have acquired real-life counterparts in the world of SJW politics. Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron are the Golden Trio of leftist politics: the subjects of infantilised worship by “liberal” left fantasists.

Right now, the leftist Golden Trio are about as popular as Harry, mid-Chamber of Secrets. Unlike the storybook characters, though, none of them look likely to pull any magic swords out of their Sorting Hats.

The longest-lived of the three is Justin Trudeau, elected as prime minister of Canada in 2015. Somewhat like Harry Potter, perhaps, Trudeau was the Chosen One, but in most other respects, Trudeau the privileged scion of leftist Canadian political royalty is more akin to series villain Draco Malfoy. Certainly Trudeau has shown none of the positive qualities of Harry Potter. Instead, he’s relied solely on his parentage, simpering boyish looks, matinee idol hair, and endless fawning at the various altars of “progressive” orthodoxy.

But Trudeau’s sparkly-unicorn persona was built on less substance than even mere appearances. In what turns out to be a consistent pattern with the Trio, Trudeau has long been kept afloat by a combination of legacy-media fawning and the half-informed adulation of foreign leftists. But, Trudeau’s glossy persona is wearing away faster than expired polyjuice potion, particularly with the unsavoury revelations of the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Not only has it emerged that Trudeau politically interfered in the justice system in order to benefit wealthy political cronies, in doing so, he pitted himself against a political foe as formidable as Dolores Umbridge, with none of her nastiness. When Trudeau was exposed for bullying such a highly-regarded public figure as former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould, a lawyer, prosecutor and politician of impeccable reputation – and a First Nations woman, at that – he was on a hiding to nothing.

Trudeau’s Liberal party was subsequently wracked by resignations and expulsions, and plummeting opinion polls. Canada’s economy has also tanked and is likely to drop out of the global top ten in the next year. Although Canada, like Australia, has had very few one-term governments, things aren’t looking at all good for Trudeau. Especially given that Australia has also bucked its history with a series of one-termers over the last decade.

Second-banana in the Trio, French president Emmanuel Macron, has proven to be even more gormless and useless than Ron Weasley. Despite roaring into office, supposedly as the fresh face of change, within just a few months, Macron was tanking. Within just a few months, his approval ratings were plummeting. The slide continued through 2018, with Macron’s approval dropping from over 60% to 25%.

Then, towards the end of 2018, the French people erupted in the Gilets Jaunes movement – a populist uprising spanning the political spectrum, but united by the sense that the French working and middle-classes are being screwed over. Macron is emblematic of the detached, inner-city elite who have benefited from globalisation at the expense of the people: an “ultra-liberal president for the rich”.

Finally, there is the politically youngest of the Trio: New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern. Elected in the afterglow of Macron, like the other two, Ardern has been adored by the legacy media and leftists around the world as some kind of antidote to Trump’s Voldemort. With the shortest time in office, as well, Ardern’s spell on the polyjuice is lasting the longest, so far.

So far.

Globally, Ardern is still easily the darling of the cultural-media left – mostly because the rest of the world is almost entirely ignorant of New Zealand’s politics. UN. Kiwibuild, CGT, Ihumatao, the gun buyback, “Part-Time PM”, even Winston Peters – all of these are utter mysteries to most of the rest of the world.

But domestically, Ardern’s spell is looking decidedly shaky. Like Hermione touting her “SPEW” campaign to liberate house elves, Ardern is spouting the right-on messages, but the rest of Hogwarts is getting a bit sick of her. Ardern risks joining the ranks of recent one-termers.

Every Harry Potter story follows the same pattern: the Golden Trio are saddled with increasing adversities until they reach their nadir in the third act: Voldemort is ascendant and nearly everybody at Hogwarts hates them. Then, of course, they pull a deus ex machina out of the Sorting Hat and miraculously win the day.

But real life politics isn’t a storybook, no matter how many fairy-tales the left choose to believe. It wouldn’t pay to bet on any of the Golden Trio to survive into the new term.

This was written just over a month ago, long before Trudeau announced that Canadians would be going to the polls. It will be interesting to watch how the result pans out.

As for Jacinda Ardern, in the weeks since, the long-simmering sexual harassment scandal has come back to bite her ferociously. Even her media allies are turning on her.

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