A tale of Three Twits

One of the touted benefits of Twitter is that it allows you to “find out what people REALLY think”. As many people have found out, that’s not always such a positive. In a culture ruled by the iron fist of political correctness, just as it was in the Soviet Union, saying what you really think is liable to earn a one-way ticket to the gulag of career and social suicide. Sometimes, literal suicide.

Recently, three high-profile Twitter users have bent sent to Siberia. Two made crass jokes, the other vomiting years of racist abuse. While the jokers found their careers abruptly aborted, the racist has been promoted to the pinnacle of her career.

When Roseanne Barr tweeted that Valerie Jarrett was a cross between “the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”, she explicitly denied racist intent, insisting that it was nothing more than a crass joke making fun of Jarrett’s looks. Such excuse-making, though, doesn’t wash with the stern puritans of PC: an Inquisition so unforgiving that Calvinists look like wacky funsters by comparison. Roseanne was not just summarily sacked, she was thoroughly un-personed: her show wiped from the airwaves, and rumoured to be resurrected without any trace of its formerly titular star.

James Gunn, the hugely successful director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, used to joke about pedophilia on Twitter. Understandably, pedophile jokes are not to many peoples’ tastes, but given that Gunn is an alumnus of the apotheosis of b-grade schlock, Troma films, sick humor is part of his stock-in-trade. Still, Gunn was gone. Only this time it was the stern puritans of the right lighting the torches and brandishing the pitch-forks.

When “former newspaper” The New York Times announced their new diversity hire, it didn’t take long for her Twitter skeletons to come rattling out of the closet. Jeong, it transpired, has a long-running and particularly deranged grudge against white people. Twitter user Nick Monroe trawled through Jeong’s and found hundreds of anti-white tweets posted over a two-year period.

Jeong has also tried to pass it all off as “just a joke”. But making a nasty remark, once, about one particular person’s looks, could be passed off as a joke. Posting hundreds of comments denigrating an entire people has gone right past “just kidding!” and deep into the abyss of obsessive race hatred.

In any case, Jeong herself pours scorn on the very idea of using “just a joke” as an excuse. At least, when white people say so. Which is a racist argument in itself.

Despite the undeniable evidence of her foaming tsunami of hysterical race hate, her new bosses have staunchly defended Jeong. Mealy-mouthed excuses about “context” and “history” have dribbled out like so much low-testosterone ejaculate. Leftists also peddled the brainless straw-man that “reverse racism isn’t a thing”. But no-one says it’s “reverse racism”: it’s just racism.

Jonah Goldberg relates witnessing an old lady harangue an Asian bank teller that, “damn gooks killed my husband and my son!” That old lady almost certainly has “context” and “history”, too. No doubt “gooks” did kill her husband and son, in the Pacific or Korea, and Vietnam. But as Goldberg says, that particular Asian worker did nothing to her: the old lady was still just a racist.

(Ironically, her husband and son would have died defending “gooks” from other “gooks” who wanted to enslave them under a brutal, authoritarian dictatorship. Jeong might just consider a small show of gratitude to the white people without whom she would now be starving and denied any access to the internet that has made her rich and notorious.)

Many on their respective sides of the political divide have defended Roseanne or Gunn, arguing that crass tweets shouldn’t cost someone their career. A very few from the opposite sides have even had the integrity to say so. David Cole, for instance, wrote that, “Yeah, it’s fun to see a leftist jerk suffer. But forgive me for thinking that such ‘fun’ isn’t worth the fact that, as we cheer a hypocrite’s lynching, we’ve just tightened the noose around our own necks, too”.

He’s right, of course. The proper, adult response to Roseanne or Gunn is to just ignore them if their idea of a joke isn’t to your taste. Being offended isn’t an argument. But Sarah Jeong’s long history of ranting goes far beyond joking. Jeong is clearly a racist, denigrating people for the colour of their skin just like the old lady in the bank. Either racism is unacceptable in today’s society, or it isn’t.

Trying to argue via nonsensical pollysyllabic post-modernist drivel that it’s ok for some people to be racist, because of their race… is racist.

And racism is bad, mmkay?

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