Hong Kong Protests: A Local’s Perspective

Their voice has been digitally altered for their protection.


According to The Financial Times, the extradition bill in question – provisions added to Hong Kong’s previous Fugitive Offender Ordinance –

“if approved, would allow extradition of people not only to China but to any jurisdiction in the world with which Hong Kong has no existing formal agreement. Hong Kong currently has longstanding extradition agreements with 20 countries including the US and the UK”.Hong Kong’s The Standard also notes that mainland China “already has a list of more than 300 fugitives hiding in Hong Kong that it wants to be sent back over the border, [Chen Zhimin] a former deputy minister of public security said”.[Chen] “brushed aside concerns that a proposed change in Hong Kong law, which would allow the SAR to surrender suspects on a case-by-case basis, will affect the SAR’s business environment, or allow political cases to be packaged as criminal offences…He also said there were ‘unnecessary worries and speculation’ in Hong Kong that Beijing would seek the extradition of people wanted for political reasons using criminal offences as a pretext”.  

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