Don’t be fooled: The open-borders left don’t give a rat’s about kids

The political left in Australia continually work themselves into a frenzy of self-righteousness over a bunch of country-shopping illegal immigrants who’ve been rightfully prevented from forcing their way into the country. It never seems to matter to the left that it was their own policies which landed the fakugees where they are. When the Howard government left office, there was one person in offshore detention. When the Labor-Green government were turfed out six years later, there were over 10 000.

That doesn’t include the roughly 1200 people who died at sea over the same period, likewise lured by the left’s promises of open borders.

The left in the United States are equally immune to rational criticism of their own policies. The Democrats’ lax border protection policies were an added lure for illegal immigrants to pour over their southern border. Worse, they created an incentive for illegals to drag children along with them as bargaining chips. Migrants admit that they bring children not to remove them from danger, but because they see them as a Get-Into-America-Free card. Others make a buck by handing their kids over to people-smugglers. Traffickers knew they are unlikely to be detained if they can stump up a kiddie or two.

But, having created the perverse incentives that lead to children being hauled across the border as emotional human shields, the left self-righteously shriek and posture when these children are necessarily separated when their parents are taken into custody. Not only is this posturing astonishingly hypocritical, it completely ignores the facts.

This isn’t some Nazi-like ploy from the left’s colossal bogey-man. The Trump administration hasn’t changed the rules that applied during the Obama administration and earlier. Children are only separated from adults if officials find that the adult is falsely claiming to be the child’s parent, is a threat to the child, or as is most likely, the adult is placed under criminal proceedings. For instance when the adult is a repeat offender: illegal re-entry is a felony.

But while the rules haven’t changed, the policy has. Under Obama, the policy was to give a free pass to adults accompanied by children. This obviously created a perverse incentive and an easy workaround America’s illegal immigration rules. Trump policy is to apply the law uniformly and prosecute all adults. Zero tolerance policies send a signal that America is serious about its laws and removes the incentive to drag children along on the dangerous border crossing.

When an adult illegally entering the United States is prosecuted, they are taken into custody by U.S. Marshals. Never in America do marshals care for children of adults in custody. That’s the responsibility of the Department of Health and Human Services. When parents are arrested it’s simply illegal to keep their children with them.

In any case, criminal proceedings are typically exceptionally short. Unless there is an aggravating factor such as a prior crime, the illegals generally plead guilty and are sentenced to time served, typically in the same day, whereupon they are reunited with the child.

That changes if the adult lodges a claim for asylum. As in Australia, “advocates” coach economic migrants to file asylum claims, in the hope of gaming the system. But what happens then is that the adults are almost certainly detained longer than the American government is actually allowed to hold the children. Unaccompanied minors and migrant children can only be held for 20 days. Once again it is actually illegal for the Trump administration to keep the families of detained illegal immigrants together.

As it happens, President Trump has asked Congress to change that law. Democrats have refused to budge because they would rather exploit the children of illegal immigrants than actually solve the problem.

So the Trump administration has only two choices: separate children from the parents who tried to use them as bargaining chips, or simply wave through everyone who shows up at the border dragging along a tot or two. It doesn’t take a genius to foretell what the outcome of that policy will be.

For all their moral preening the left repeatedly expose themselves as cynical and morally bereft. They openly encourage economic migrants to undertake dangerous sea and land journeys, often by paying criminal people-smuggling gangs. They eagerly create incentives for illegal immigrants to treat their children as bargaining chips. They happily undermine the rule of law.

And in the United States especially, they do so not for any of the “high-minded” reasons they spout. They do so to score points against their political opponents and guarantee a future rusted-on voting bloc.

For all that they strut in the borrowed plumage of moral superiority the open-borders left are exploitative hypocrites.

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