How Game of Thrones Broke its Woke Fans

How white leftists see themselves.

The finale of Game of Thrones, and indeed its entire final season, has been easily the most talked-about television event since “Who shot JR?” – mostly for the wrong reasons.

Show watchers had for years sneered at fans of George R. R. Martin’s books, who noted the steadily declining quality of the show once it ran out of source material from the as-yet incomplete book series. By season 8, though, the basic shortcomings of showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss (”D&D”) were undeniable. Show finale “The Iron Throne” is the worst-rated in the series’ history.

But, unlikely as it sounds, it just might be that D&D pulled off a 4-D chess move with those last two episodes which broke their “woke” lefty fans.

Hillary’s fans saw her as literally Daenerys.

Daenerys Targaryen was the fan favourite for the woke leftists and Tumblr feminists who idolised Hillary Clinton in 2016. In fact, during the presidential campaign, feminist blog SheKnows Media published a coloring book which depicted Hillary as Daenerys riding a dragon.

So, when, in the final episodes, she finally descended into madness and mass-murder, the “Danyfans” immediately went into much the same process of meltdown as they did on that hilarious night in November, 2016. Shock, outrage, denial and then justification.

D&D pulled off a master-stroke, tricking their “woke” fans into inadvertently giving away their naked authoritarianism.

Like Hillary, Daenerys constantly proclaimed herself as a kind of progressive liberal saviour, despite her long-running history of questionable decisions. Encouraging her husband and his barbarian followers to embark on a brutal, Mongol-style conquest of murder, rape and pillage, just so that she could get what she wanted, was only the beginning.

Ultimately, the Hillary/Danyfans gaslighted themselves spectacularly. Then, D&D brutally ripped the rug out by revealing that Dany was just another Hitler. In the penultimate episode, “The Bells”, Daenerys tipped over the edge and into genocidal rage. When the city of Kings Landing rang its bells in the pre-arranged signal of surrender, Daenerys’ personal army runs amok, slaughtering defenseless prisoners, while she and her dragon razed the helpless city. Hundreds of thousands of non-combatants, mostly women and children, burned alive in grisly close-up.

So, what did her leftists fans do? They leapt to her defence. When even some of Daenerys’ closest fictional companions rebelled, sickened by her brutality, her real-life fans doubled down, refusing to admit that her ideology – which so closely mirrored their own – was wrong.

Marxist philosopher Slavoz Zizek claimed that Daenerys was exactly the “strong political woman” feared by capitalism. Besides, her slaughtering army was diverse, while her opponents were “clearly white Nordic”. Fans insisted that the people of Kings Landing deserve to be burned alive. It was OK for Dany to kill thousands of innocent civilians for the greater good.

We’ve heard that excuse before, and D&D clearly anticipated it. Her adviser, Tyrion Lannister, repeated the justification we’ve heard too often for real-life mass-murdering dictators like Stalin and Mao: “She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone. If you believed that — if you truly believed it — wouldn’t you kill whoever stood between you and paradise?”

Any doubt that Daenerys is literally Hitler was blown away by the final episode’s stunning montage of Daenerys addressing a Nuremberg rally and urging her assembled armies to march on and conquer the entire world. Indeed, actress Emilia Clarke explicitly studied footage of Hitler’s speeches in preparation. Later, confronted over their war crimes, her military commander, Grey Worm, offers the Nuremberg defense: I was only obeying orders.

Grey Worm and Daenerys are avatars of the “progressive” left. They are the people who believe that they are good solely because of their identity, and therefore what they do is good by default. Their story arc can be seen as a bitter commentary on the “callout culture” of modern leftists. Like Dany, the left fervently believe themselves to be unimpeachably good, so they think it’s their right to arbitrate social justice.

Ultimately, D&D unflinchingly rolled back the rocks on the left’s brutal authoritarianism and showed them up for who they really are.

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    1. Which is also why I call myself a “liberalist”: to distinguish myself from today’s so-called “liberals”, who are really just left-wing authoritarians, and libertarians, who I side with in many respects, but find too often a bit kooky and ideologically purist.

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