Why the left is promoting pedophilia (again)

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Caption: Creepy pedophiles are crawling out from under the rocks of leftism
Creepy paedophiles are crawling out from under the rocks of leftism

When the crimes perpetrated by men in the churches against innocent children were rightfully exposed and punished, the left, in particular, were almost gleeful in their self-righteous condemnation. Less conspicuous, though, has been any mention, let alone similarly public censoriousness from the left when it comes to the child-sex crimes of its own.

Recent revelations that Australian literary-left icon Dorothy Hewett had happily pimped out her own daughters to the cream of the hip lefties of the 70s caused barely a ripple on the consciousness of the left. These ghastly revelations were met with a collective shrug and a smirking “Oh, those were different times”.

Or, maybe not. There is a slew of (largely unreported) revelations of a seedy paedophilic underbelly to the modern left. A growing movement is trying to normalise paedophilia as a “sexual orientation” under the “LGBTQ” umbrella.

Leftist bible Salon ran a notorious piece trying to paint a sympathetic picture of paedophiles. A recent TEDx talk tried to frame paedophilia as “a normal sexual orientation”. Now reports are emerging of a movement to rebrand paedophiles and build acceptance as part of the LGBTQI-whatever community.

Worse is the alarming push by state authorities to normalise the sexualisation of children, at the behest of creepy activists. The most noxious aspects of the notorious “Safe Schools” program germinated in a radical Queer Theory think-tank. One of its directors, Gary Dowsett, wrote a series of swooning articles in the 1980s, attempting to group paedophilia with the gay-rights movement.

How on earth did we get here?

Normalising paedophilia is part of the long-term agenda of the Cultural Marxist left. Marxist “Queer Theory” claims that every element of bourgeois morality must be systematically swept away in order to finally destroy capitalist society.

Besides, many leftists just love diddling kiddies. When one man declined Hewett’s invitation to “fuck my daughters”, she remarked that he was “the only one around here who [didn’t]”.

The 60s and 70s were something of a putrid “golden age” of paedophilia activism in leftist popular culture. One of Hewett’s daughters performed nude and sex scenes in Journey among women (1977), as did 12-year-old Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby (1978). Shields had already been photographed nude for Playboy when she was just ten. Richard Neville hosted a crawling panel of pederasts on Australia’s national broadcaster in 1975. ABC management airily dismissed criticism, saying that, “in general, men will sleep with young boys”.

By the early 80s, a backlash set in. But the re-emergence of leftist paedophilia in the past few years is an inevitable consequence of the rise of Cultural Marxism, Queer Theory, and especially the Same-Sex Marriage debate.

This is not to argue against gay marriage. But some of the arguments made by advocates are dangerously irresponsible. Not that they care: gay marriage was never anything other than a catspaw — a tool for the far-left to bludgeon “bourgeois society”. But like teenagers playing with a ouija board in a cheap horror movie, the left opened the door to dark forces with their banner slogan, “love is love”. If “love” is the only metric, what barriers could there possibly be?

David Robertson predicted that, “after SSM, it would be Transgender and then the removal of gender altogether (this is all classic Queer Theory) and that this would then be followed by polyamory, polygamy, incest and then paedophilia. People think the latter especially is unlikely. I don’t agree. The way it will happen is for paedophilia first of all to be defined as an illness and a sexuality. Then in popular culture, we will gradually get ‘Lolita’ stories seeking to make a sympathetic ‘non-judgemental’ case”.

It would be too easy to dismiss Robertson as a conservative Christian paranoid, were it not that precisely what he predicted is coming to pass with dizzying speed. Polygamists and incests were campaigning for legitimisation even before the dust of SSM had settled. Australian Greens candidate Tom Raue wrote a student essay supporting bestiality and necrophilia. Mainstream left-wing publications are publishing stories, sometimes by self-proclaimed “virtuous paedophiles”, angled toward sympathy for paedophiles.

To their credit, some gay activists and publications are alarmed at attempts by paedophiles to get in on the rainbow action. Popular Facebook page LGBT News has published several articles warning of the trend. Blogger RagingGayConservative is scathing: “The pedophilia flag should immediately be ripped up, and the movement should be disinvited from every #PrideMarch across the globe.”

But while the principled left and some gay activists are baulking at the slide into degeneracy, most are turning a blind eye. More in their ranks are not just sympathisers, but active paedophiles. Leaders in the anti-Trump “resistance” have been exposed as convicted or self-confessed child molesters. Former Democrat congressman and Clinton right-hand-man Anthony Weiner is a convicted child pornographer. Slick Willy himself ran up a dizzying record of frequent-flyer miles on his paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express”. Liberal Hollywood is bursting at the seams with rockspiders.

Opposing the degeneracy of the left doesn’t mean, as Jim Goad writes, “you have to get all Amish about it. The Amish are no fun”. Up to the middle decades of the 20th century, the left played an important role (although G. D. Searle and Company did far more) in dismantling standards of sexual repression that now seem as remote and unfathomable as the Taliban. But, like many revolutions, the sexual revolution didn’t know when to stop. The flipside of repression is not unscrupulous libertinism. Restraint is not repression.

And no matter which side of politics you’re on, kiddy-fiddlers should never be welcome.

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