Of Curmudgeonly Interest This Week – 6 February 2017

What’s Lushy been reading this week?

6 February 2017

Riots and Rejection of Free Speech at UC Berkeley

Once again, Some Black Guy nails it: 2o17, the year that you’re a fuckin’ Nazi if you just dislike illegal immigration, y’know, if you just dislike people breaking the law, if you just have a differing opinion on certain political issues, if you just associate with someone that just considers themselves a fucking classical liberal … if shit like this is gonna continue, it’s just like, c’mon, what’s even the fucking point?

Toronto professor Jordan Peterson takes on gender-neutral pronouns

Much more than that, Jordan Peterson is taking a stand against the whole, bullying Long March Through the Institutions of the Cultural Marxists. Made-up gender pronouns are just the initial skirmishes in a long-overdue push-back against the onslaught of politically correct cultural re-education. As Peterson says, Free speech is not just another value. It’s the foundation of Western civilization.

That a kind of Cultural Revolution is being fought here is given away by the fact that Peterson, if charged and convicted, faces “mandatory anti-discrimination training”. In other words, state-run re-education camp. Just like the good old days.

I’d also highly recommend watching, or listening to, Peterson’s lecture series which set off this whole storm, and which is available on YouTube:

Humble Pie in Short Supply

The inimitable Theodore Dalrymple (now there’s an illustrious name for you) looks at the Pharisaical moral grandstanding of the Women’s Marchers – does anyone who is kind and clever hold up a banner to the effect that he* is kind and clever? – and the general nastiness of using children as political props (“Obvious political bs,” as Michael Reagan called it).

*It’s always a nice touch when the good doctor deliberately refuses to indulge the modern diktat of avoiding masculine gender pronouns

Against the Cult of Travel, or What Everyone Gets Wrong About the Hobbit

An interesting essay exploring the idea that an inveterate travel bug may  be a hallmark of a stunted imagination. After all, Tolkien, author of sweeping, epic journeys of adventure, rarely left his own neighbourhood. What was it the Moody Blues once said? Thinking is the best way to travel.

That’s this week’s Lushington Reading List. I hope there was something of interest for everyone.

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