Of Curmudgeonly Interest This Week

What’s caught Lushy’s jaundiced eye this week?

29 January, 2017

I’m introducing a new feature at A Devil’s Curmudgeon: a wrap-up of a handful of items that have particularly caught my eye during the week. Some will be new, some not. But all, I think, will be worth reading, watching, or listening to.

Universities are an absolute wreck right now

Reason.tv interview with Camille Paglia by Nick Gillespie.

I must admit that I never really paid too much attention to Camille Paglia back in the 90s: back then the only two feminist authors I really read were Andrea Dworkin, who I detested, and Katie Roiphe, who I quite liked. Anyway, from this wide-ranging interview, and other recent articles I’ve read, I’ve obviously missed a lot.

While her views about the parlous state of both academia and overrated buffoons like Lacan and Derrida both resonated deeply with me, I was also particularly interested in Paglia’s observation about decorum. That may seem a strange thing for a “punk rock philosopher” to say, but when I see, say, Miley Cyrus spreading her butthole at a stadium full of pre-teen girls, I have to say, I think she has a point.

The futility of gender-neutral parenting

Related to Paglia’s observation not only that “Transgender mania is a symptom of the West’s cultural collapse,” but also its almost complete absence of any scientific evidence, this article actually looks at the evidence and finds that, as Feynman warned, the beautiful theory goes bust.

LA Times Op-Ed

The Alt-Right EXPOSED

Some Black Guy is fast becoming my favourite YouTuber, for his intelligent and succinct commentaries. Unlike some other YouTubers of the “critical thinking” type, SBG doesn’t tend to ramble on with prolix waffle, but gets his point across in generally short videos and clear expression.

In this one, he looks at currently notorious Alt-Right figure Richard Spencer with a surprisingly generous eye – certainly far more generous than I would have. But then, that’s a point my old logic teacher kept reminding me of: always treat your opponent’s argument to the most generous interpretation possible, that way you won’t straw-man them.

Which is what SBG does, here: considers Spencer’s argument as if it was being made by, say, a black rights activist. His analogy, too, of making the same argument as a minority in China is a good one.

But ultimately, yes, I agree with him that the whole pride thing is stupid and that, “we’re more of a human race, let’s try to work together … unfortunately you have a lot of people on the left that are completely fuckin’ destroying that – they’re wanting segregation again. They’re dividing us”.

So, there’s just a couple of things. I know I had more I wanted to post, but I forgot to bookmark them all, and now I’ve darn gone and forgot what they all were. Next time I read something interesting, I’ll make sure to copy the URL to a notepad file or bookmark it or something!

Till next week, kids!

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